Falcon Investment Overview

Nepalese economic is moving rapidly towards development. As we already know that Nepal has adopted open market economic and private sector has also one pillar of the economic development. Thus, in development of the economic, role of the private sector also increase significantly and need to pour huge amount for the development of industries, infrastructure, invest capital in economy.  Main areas of Falcon Investment Company are as follows:


  • Trading on stock of banks, financial institution and other profitable companies.
  • Invest on the promoter shares of newly established companies.
  • Investment on the Government Bonds.
  • Develop Real estate and housing.
  • Invest on the shares of hydropower projects.
  • Providing fund management service.
  • Co-ordination with foreign investors
  • Import various household goods.
  • Production and commercialization of Agro Sector etc……..
Business Graph with arrow and coins showing profits and gains

Falcon Payable Account Service

Falcon Payable saving

This product is designed to provide higher return on savings of our share holder members without having to lock fund. Our members have flexibility to deposit and withdraw any amount of fund.


  • Interest Rate – 5% p.a.
  • Minimum Balance – NPR 1000
  • Interest is calculated on daily balance and credited quarterly
  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawal
  • Monthly statement will be send via mail and/or courier upon member’s request.

Falcon Performance Share

At Falcon Investment Company, we understand your need for good returns and assurance of security. Our fixed deposits or performance shareholder will get attractive, competitive interest rate with varying tenures. The Company provides the flexibility of availing loan against their deposit to assist you with liquidity requirement that may occur before the maturity of the deposited amount.


  • Minimum Balance NPR 50,000/- and multiple of NPR 5000/- thereafter.
  • Tenure – 1 year & above
  • Interest is calculated on daily balance and capitalized on quarterly basis
  • Interest rate 12% p.a.
  • Loan facility of 90% of the deposit amount can be enjoyed by the Falcon Performance Share Holder (Interest rate + 3% of coupon rate)

Falcon Payable Remit Fixed Term and Saving Deposit

Falcon Remit Saving and Fixed Deposit Account – a special saving and fixed deposit product has been design to Nepalese Citizens residing in foreign countries and who need to send money regular basis to their beloved one. You can join with us and may send bulk amount at once. We will provide you attractive interest rate and as per your request, we can transfer the fund on your family member’s accounts on regular basis without any hassle and charges.

  1. Falcon Payable Remit Saving Deposit


  • Interest Rate: 5% p.a.
  • Interest is calculated on Daily balance and credited quarterly.
  • No minimum balance shall be required to open the account.
  • No restriction on the amount of withdrawals.

Falcon Utilities Bill Payment

  1. PSTN (Landline) Bill Payment
  2. Nepal Telecom Prepaid Recharge/ Top-up
  3. Nepal Telecom Post Paid Bill Payment
  4. NCELL (Pre & Post) Recharge/ Top-up
  5. Broad-link Recharge facilities
  6. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Bill Payment

(Our members can pay all utilities bills directly from their own account and also get attractive bonus amount on every recharge)

Falcon Portfolio Management Service

We assist Savers to be Smart Investors who opt for best value from their investments. Investors should be able to maximize returns by minimizing risks. Falcon Investment Company will work diligently to ensure optimal returns to all our clients as per their expectation.

Falcon Flexi Loan

For more details request to contact our Head Office Putalisadak-31